Create carousels that contain:

  • Contact cards
  • Apps
  • Direct-call numbers
  • Direct-SMS numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Bookmarks
  • Any Android shortcut!


Launch any carousel anytime, anywhere, simply by double tapping your phone’s Home button with the new ‘Home Screen Integration‘ feature!


Download icon packs from the market and customize:

  • Icons for direct-carousel shortcuts on your home screen
  • Icons for every item in the carousel (contacts, bookmarks, apps, etc.)
  • Icon for the place-holder (empty carousel-spots).


Create system carousels:

  • Carousels that contain recently used tasks.
  • Carousels that contain current running tasks.
  • Carousels that contain current running processes.
  • Carousels that contain system-settings.

Quickly switch between apps, or use the context-menu for each item to kill apps and processes to save memory, uninstall apps and more. UltimateFavesPRO is the best looking app-organizer and task-killer for Android, hands-down!

Main features:

  • Integrates with your home screen: Launch any carousel by double tapping the home button!
  • A unique and highly customizable user-interface.
  • Excellent replacement for Live Folders.
  • Create as many carousels as you wish!
  • Each carousel can hold up to 16 items.
  • Each item in the carousel has its own unique context-menu with additional commands.
  • Give each carousel its own name.
  • Create desktop shortcuts to specific carousels.
  • Beautiful fast animation with OpenGL graphics!
  • Control the carousel with your finger, trackball or D-Pad.

Create the following carousel types:

  • User defined – Put any combination of apps, contact-cards, bookmarks, direct-calls, direct-sms and direct-email items in the carousel.
  • Running tasks carousel – Displays the current running tasks, letting you switch between tasks, kill tasks, and uninstall applications.
  • Recent tasks carousel – Displays the last 16 used tasks (as opposed to Android’s default 6 when long-pressing home).
  • Running processes carousel – Displays the current running processes, letting you kill background processes (including system processes).
  • Settings carousel – Quickly enable / disable Wi-Fi, 3G data, bluetooth, ringer vibration and more.

Accessible in every way you can think of:

  • Launch by double-clicking the Home button. (“Home screen integration“)
  • Launch by long-pressing the Search button.
  • Launch from the notification tray.
  • Launch using the camera button.
  • Launch using shortcuts to specific carousels. (with custom icons!)

Supports the following customization options:

  • Auto-launch on start-up.
  • Custom carousel speed.
  • Custom carousel icon size.
  • Custom show/hide labels.
  • Custom show/hide info-bar.
  • Custom show/hide carousel-name.
  • The above carousel settings can be defined globally OR per-carousel!
  • Custom screen orientation (portrait / landscape / automatic).
  • Custom background type (gradient / solid color).
  • Custom background color.
  • Custom background transparency
  • Custom rotation vibration (enabled / disabled).
  • Custom selection vibration (enabled / disabled).
  • Up / down swipe gestures to switch between carousels.
  • Gestures can be enabled / disabled.
  • Enable / disable pop in/out animations.
  • Enable / disable animation that follows the phone’s orientation sensor.

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